Taylor Momsen Tight Leather Skirt Photo Revealed


Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless, posted this tight performance of her on stage in this highly revealing and beautiful black latex outfit – complete with thigh-high boots and this body-hugging top. You can view it below. Taylor Momsen caught in stunning bedroom photo.

In other news, fans of Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless recently took to social media to reflect upon their most recent album – ‘Going to Hell’. One fan noted: “This is flat out a great album. It definitely takes the religious theme to the extreme and I can understand why that would put some people off. But the concept never seems forced and rock music should be at least a little disquieting! The album also features its fair share of singles that can hold their own on the radio or a playlist outside of the concept album. If you like the earlier work put forth by this band it would seem like a foregone conclusion that you would greatly enjoy this release. The material is different enough to keep things interesting and displays plenty of growth as artists. I’m hoping for several more great albums from this band! Oh yeah, the cover art is easy on the eyes as well.” Taylor Momsen reveals creepy Jim Carrey photo.

While another fan said: “The album Going to Hell by the band The Pretty Reckless is a very intense rock album with a softer song at the end of the album to close it out. The lead singer of the band as such an amazing voice remains me of other female rockers like Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, and more modern singers as Lizzy Halestorm, Shirley Manson of Garbage, and Amy Lee. I personally liked every single track on this album even though track 6 Dear Sister is only a minute long, and track nine is roughly two minutes long. But if your a fan of music videos and this band, please check out the music videos for House on a Hill and F—– Up World quite interesting videos and well worth your time. But just saying this for fans of this band the song Sweet Things is so very creepy in more ways then one speaking of course of the lyrics. So in closing the album Going to Hell a true rock album with songs you can sing along to over and over again and never grow tired of the lyrics.” Taylor Momsen bends in tight outfit photo.