Rock Legend May Have Influence On New Queens of the Stone Age Album


Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen revealed in a new interview with Premier Guitar. that playing in side projects, like touring with Iggy Pop, could have an influence on Queens of the Stone Age as they gear up to return to the studio.

“I think the goal is simply to learn something and to share with your friends. I love playing with different people, because you always get something different. Josh, Dean, and I just went on the road with Iggy Pop, and we learned so much by playing with him and doing something that’s a little different from what we normally do. I don’t like playing by myself. I always enjoy working with someone, working with someone new, learning something new, and then showing your friends what you learned.”

He also discussed Queens of the Stone Age’s dynamic, “In Queens we have three guitar players, and everyone plays off each other. There’s a lot of listening and playing along and then juxtaposition.”