Roger Waters Threatens David Gilmour’s Wife?


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Twitter for twits has been in the hot seat ever since before Elon “Mr. Aliens” Musk purchased, rather, those who fund him purchased the platform last year. It seems that nowadays you can sue someone for a twit they put out about you. Interesting, and duly noted. Perhaps the legal system will be setting some new precedent after this one…

As per LouderSound, The animosity between Pink Floyd duo Roger Waters and David Gilmour has spewed into the public arena again, following a tweet from Gilmour’s long-time life partner Polly Samson. She accuses Waters of being “misogynistic”, “sick-with-envy” and “antisemitic to your rotten core”.

Waters is taking legal advice in regards to the post appearing to threaten Gilmour’s wife legally, and he describes her claims as “incendiary and wildly inaccurate”. Good for him. 

Tweeting in support of his partner, who wrote lyrics for Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell album, and a number of Gilmour’s solo releases, David Gilmour states that Samson’s comments are “demonstrably true”.

The social media spat was initiated in the aftermath of a Twitter post by Waters drawing attention to a recent interview he conducted with German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, in which he doubled down on previous comments comparing Israel to Nazi Germany in regards to on-going hostilities with Palestine.

Asked in the interview if he stood by these comments, Waters responded, “Yes, of course. The Israelis are committing genocide. Just like Great Britain did during our colonial period, by the way.”