Grimes Reveals Grammys Are Rigged In Photo


The Grammy’s took place over the weekend and more and more controversy is spewing from its monstrous, albeit, evil motivations. We have discovered that the event was and is sponsored by Pfizer, and that they endorsed an utterly evil performance in which Satan was worshipped openly. It seems that more controversy is abound now as Grimes reveals it was all rigged. 

As per AP NEWS, A night in music brimming with shocking upsets, historic wins, tributes for artists like the late rapper Takeoff and hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, and Satanic worship, the 65th Grammys were in full swing Sunday. Once again, Beyoncé was in the running for the top honor. No surprise there. 

Once again, the show ended with someone else winning album of the year.

This year was widely seen as a chance for the Grammys to honor the superstar with a marquee award, especially on a night where she could have ( and did ) become its most decorated artist.

Instead, Harry Styles won, and a line from his acceptance speech stung those who thought Beyoncé should have won.

Here’s what happened, how it’s been perceived and who picks the Grammys’ top honors.


Styles won for his third album, “Harry’s House,” and even he seemed surprised when his name was called.

The British pop star was competing again other giants in the industry: acts like ABBA, Adele, Bad Bunny, Brandi Carlile, Coldplay, Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé.