Sammy Hagar Reacts To Brutal David Lee Roth Photo


Sammy Hagar has responded to fellow former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth releasing an art work photo that appeared to take massive shots at Sammy a few days ago.

Hagar said, “I want to thank my old buddy Dave for considering me interesting enough to be the subject of his fine art hobby. #iwannabuyit #funnyshit #somethingtofallbackon #ItsNotNewlyAcquired @davidleeroth.” He added, “😂😂😂 That’s art in itself.”

One fan wrote, “I honestly hope you’re taking it well because I think it was not intended as a slam. Everybody wants to spend it that way but I thought it was pretty cool and I figured you guys had finally buried the hatchet in someway.

I’m also trying to think that Dave is above attacking a great guy like you all these years later. I really think it was just something cool on his part meant in a nice way. But highlights to be more positive I guess.”

Hagar responded, “That’s exactly why I posted it I think it’s cool and it’s actually good he was just off on newly acquired ha ha I got no problem with Dave.”

Another fan added, “Cheers to getting under his skin!! His #soggybottom skin. Ewwh. That doesn’t sound right. 🤔😂😂 I do love that it’s Vol. IX tho… #hegotthatpartright #9.”

The Red Rocker shot back, “Hahahaha It’s so do you always funny shit I actually like it.”