Scott Stapp Finally Reacts To Creed Haters


Scott Stapp has finally reacted to Creed haters, saying he doesn’t listen to critics, ahead of the release of his new solo album in July, The Space Between The Shadows.

“I got to a point years and years ago — before social media — that I wasn’t gonna read any positive press and I wasn’t gonna read any negative press,” he told Lazer 103.3’s Andy Hall. “That was a decision I made in my mid-20s. And then today, man, I don’t read any press that comes out. I’ll flip through my social media at times and see what the fans are saying about new material or shows or touring, and through all that, it’s been so supportive and positive. So I’m just fortunate.”

Stapp said “there’s a lot of positives” to social media offering fans better access to their favorite artists, he says that “there is a lot of hate out there that surfaces. And if you come across it, in one ear, or in one eye and out of your head,” he said. “In the eyes and out of your head. You can’t let it affect you emotionally, and you just focus on the positives.”

Creed split in 2012 after a three years reunion. Since then Stapp has primarily focused on his solo career, though he did briefly front Art of Anarchy.