Pearl Jam Reveal New ‘Last Of Us’ Release


Pearl Jam have announced a new ‘Last of Us’ t-shirt release.

Tacomatose posted on the Ten Club board about Pearl Jam’s second show in Austin last week, “THIS was exactly what I needed from Austin 2 for so many reasons! A few rambling initial thoughts:

– TYAAM preset! To quote Rent, an Ed preset always means a wild night is now preordained!

– Love Wash as an opener, but having Black so early really set the tone. Mike was on absolute fire. Everyone was sitting, but he was soaring. Nothing better than having Mike in a mood.

– DOTC has come a long way since I first heard it at Ohana, and even since last year’s NYC. Haters gonna hate, but it was nice, tight and punchy.

– Speaking as a child of the 90s, I can confirm that Habit rocked hard.

– SOLAT rocked harder than it has any right to after 30+ years. And coming right after Chloe/Crown, it was like I was right back in college listening to the Singles soundtrack on repeat. It’s still hard to comprehend how good all that music was at all the same time.

– Ledbetter to finish has been very personal to me since losing my PJ +1 in 2018. As always, Phred – this is for you.

– Moody is a great sounding venue and it was a good, loud and happy crowd. A great end to the tour, and a great launching point for the (now confirmed by Ed!!) new album and tour to come next year. I hope to see you all on the road in 2024!”