Scott Stapp Reveals If He Wants To Join Stone Temple Pilots


Former Creed and current Art of Anarchy frontman Scott Stapp was asked in a recent interview with Mitch Lafon if he wants to join Stone Temple Pilots, following last year’s misunderstood story where fans thought he was claiming he was replacing Scott Weiland in STP, when it was really Art of Anarchy.

“No. What happened with that was in alluding to replacing Scott Weiland, someone kind of took that and ran with it, and assumed it was Stone Temple Pilots, when it was Art of Anarchy the whole time. So no, they’ve never approached me, and I haven’t even thought about whether I’d want to be a part of that. I think I’m fine with Creed, my solo band, and Art of Anarchy right now.”

He was also asked if he has closed the door on reuniting with Creed.

“No, the door is not shut. I think that when the time is right, there is always something in store. Like I said, when the time is right.”

Lafon asked if that meant members getting on the phone, or a promoter offering a lot of cash.

“(Laughs) I think when we feel like, when we feel it. We do stay in communication. When it just feels right, and organic, and natural. I really can’t say, really the best way to describe it is the way I said it, when the time is right. I think everyone in the band will just feel it inside.”

Stapp said that despite Creed having split 5 years ago and not having released an album in 8 years, he still comes up with potential new Creed song ideas.

“I do literally have a solo file. Since I just completed the Art of Anarchy record, I don’t have anything right now in the bag for the future yet. But if something is to come that I feel fits into that band’s mold and imagine, then of course it will go into that file, and the same goes for Creed.”