Scott Weiland & Alice In Chains’ Mike Starr Went To Rehab Together


Late Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr’s sister Melinda has shared a story on Mike’s Facebook page discussing his friendship with Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, who died on Thursday.

The first time Mike went to rehab, around ’94 I guess, Scott checked into the same place. Mike had been there for a few weeks already, so he was asked to be Scott’s “buddy”, to show him around & help him get comfortable there. I still remember the look on Mike’s face when he told me that he was helping Scott.

He liked that he was able to help a fellow rocker, and had a sense of pride to be sober at that time. They became instant friends & that friendship carried on throughout the rest of their lives. I like to think Mike is reprising his “buddy” role, greeting him at the gates & welcoming Scott to his beautiful new adventure.

Our thoughts , prayers & hearts are with his family & loved ones today.


gone way too soon, but never forgotten!

Rest in peace.

Scott Weiland

Mike Starr