Scott Weiland Bandmate Details How He ‘Starved Himself Like A Fashion Model’


Late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland’s former solo band guitarist Doug Grean gave his first interview since Weiland’s December 2015 death on the affiliated podcast Appetite for Distortion, hosted by Brando. reporter and freelance writer Doug McCausland co-hosted the episode. Grean worked with Weiland for 15 years, including recording Happy in Galoshes and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Their working relationship ended a few years before Weiland’s death.

Grean has a new web series called ‘Starman’, loosely based off his experiences working with Weiland, with the character being a drug addicted British rocker in his 60’s who believes aliens are after him.

Grean discussed how Weiland isolated himself over the years and had few real friends due to his addiction.

“My life changed when I met him, but it was a slow kind of thing, it wasn’t like an overnight rich thing. He didn’t have a lot of friends in his life, it was very sad. That’s another alcoholic addict thing, he was very isolating, he liked to isolate. So he knew my brother, they were in rehab together, and that’s where I first met him. Then he was in rehab with my brother again two years later. It’s not that crazy statistically if you realize how many rehabs he had been to. So the second time he ended up in rehab with my brother, we were like family. That’s when he asked me to come work at the studio.”

“He was just a nicer guy, he was more himself I think, more the real guy. I think he just slowly changed over time. Everyone changes over time, but he lost some of his warmth I think.”

Co-host Doug McCausland discussed how Weiland had meat on his bones and used to look vibrant, and seemed to lose that over the years.

Grean said, “He is the only person I’ve ever seen change their body type. He was chunky, or he was like a linebacker or a quarterback or football player, and he starved himself to the point where he was like a fashion model all of a sudden, he was all just skin and bones. He kept it his for whole life, I was like, how did you change your body? He did it, and I don’t know how he did it.”

“I don’t think he was taking any diet aids, he wasn’t into that speed stuff, he was into the other stuff.”

He did then detailed Weiland picking up an obsession with going to the gym.

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