Scott Weiland Bandmate Reveals Sad Reason His Behind The Music Was Canceled


In 2009 it was reported that a Behind The Music special for late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland was in the works.

A fan recently asked former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Doug Grean, “Did you ever find out why the Weiland behind the music was shelved all those years ago? That was odd.”

Grean responded, “He did not show up so they didn’t have enough interview – he blew off his own BTM.”

“We were all bummed – we had recorded special versions of tunes in the studio. It will never see the light of day.”

A fan said after all these years it sucks to be a fan of Weiland’s sometimes.

“Yeah sorry buddy. I know it kind of sucked being his friend sometimes too. He was a complicated guy.”

In January 2016 Weiland’s friend and former Mighty Joe Young/Swing bandmate Corey Hickok discussed being interviewed for the special in a piece for Alternative Nation.

“In 2009, he called me and said, ‘Corey, I need you to come up to LA, I’ve got the guys from VH1 Behind The Music here to do an interview with you.’ I spent 2 hours with VH1, and the director thanked me for filling in the gaps from when Scott moved to Huntington Beach. It never came out. Apparently there’s so much red tape legally because of the many different musicians Scott worked with, that these guys all have their own publishing deals. They definitely have enough though to release the Behind The Music special.”