Scott Weiland Drug Dealer ‘Fight’ Story Leaks


Former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Doug Grean opened up about Scott Weiland’s drug addiction and alcoholism in a new Reelz Channel ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Scott Weiland’ special.

Grean said, “Scott’s drug of choice could be described as, what do you have?” He added, “Scott thought he was bulletproof.” He said Weiland did not think he would die from his drug abuse.

He also discussed Weiland getting teeth knocked out by drug dealers in Paris while on tour with the Velvet Revolver ‘Libertad’ tour. Weiland claimed he jumped out of a moving car.

Grean said, “I can tell you. He went into the bad part of town to get drugs, and he got rolled.”

He also discussed Weiland’s relentless drinking in his final year, and how the death of his guitarist Jeremy Brown in March 2015 devastated him.

“He would drink like a fish, it was not good. It was part of this long funeral he was having for Jeremy.”

Dr. Drew was also on the special, and praised Scott as a great human being, saying there was Scott the person, and Scott the addict. Weiland died of a drug overdose on his tour bus in December 2015, with a possible new cause of death just revealed.