Pearl Jam Call Out ‘Embarrassing’ Foo Fighters Performance


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins sent an embarrassing video to Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, who shared the video on his Instagram story. Hawkins said he was going to practice the Soundgarden classic “Rusty Cage” for his practice, and he predicted he’d fail miserably. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member is joining Pearl Jam on tour after a major firing.

“I shall attempt Rusty Cage for my practice today. Fuck off you, that’s supposed to say cunt right there, like The Police you know. This is my Stewart Copeland drum set. I’m going to fail, but I’m going to try. I’m going to fail.”

Deadman posted, “So excited for the new tunes. Would love Gigaton in its entirety to begin each show.”

WMAmorican responded, “While I share you excitement for the new tunes, I would absolutely hate that…I’ve seen a few full-album shows (The Wall, Violent Femmes first album) and after a few songs in you realize how unexciting it is, knowing exactly what’s coming next…one of the best parts of live music to me is wondering what songs will be played and wondering “what’s next,” both of which would be lost opening with the album. Just my opinion…”

JT167846 commented, “Probably 6 new songs per gig as per the Amsterdam double header in 2014. They did MYM, Sirens and LB both nights plus three others that changed. Only ones we didn’t get were Infallible, YM and FD.

Since they also did Even Flow, Alive and Better Man both nights I was laughing at the irrational thought that the sets were going stale already. You won’t get everything I assume but there’ll be more than enough gems to send you home happy. Hell they opened with HTI the second gig at Ziggo.” Pearl Jam lost a big name on their new album.