Scott Weiland Huge STP Paycheck After Death Revealed


Late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland‘s estate has been paid over $1 million since his December 2015 death from royalties. The numbers were included in Scott’s ex-wife and executor of his estate Mary Weiland’s state of affairs of the estate last week. Scott named Mary his executor in his will, rather than widow Jamie Weiland. A full list of Weiland’s rock memorabilia and how much it’s worth was revealed last year.

Mary states, via The Blast, that the current estimated value of the estate is $1,979,261.56, with $1,054,385.70 in gross royalties, and an estimated average annual income of $351,462. The estate has nearly $500,000 in cash. The IRS filed a claim against the Scott Weiland estate that he didn’t pay federal income taxes from 2012 to 2014. Weiland’s estate was also hit with a lien by the California State Tax Franchise Board for almost $250,000 last year.

Jamie Weiland told Billboard in January 2016 as there were money issues with the estate, “I don’t know under what mattress she thinks she’s going to find $2 million, because it sure as shit isn’t here. He was broke.” Last year, a request was made for child support from the estate. Scott and Mary Weiland had two children, Noah and Lucy.

Robert and Dean DeLeo claimed in 2017 that Weiland was surrounded by enablers who only wanted his money near the end of his life.

Dean said, “It was very evident where Scott was going. He had a new posse of people around him that just kept feeding him all that he was. They left out one vital part of that, and that was his health and wellbeing, because everybody just wanted money. I think Robert and Eric and I exhausted ourselves just trying to help him, and just be a friend. He wanted no part of it.”

Robert added, “I think when the truth comes around to somebody so heavily into addiction, they want to run away from that. That was well said Dean, it’s really sad to see.”

“To be affiliated with somebody of that musical magnitude and to be so fulfilled by it, and to watch this person just go into this deep hole of demise was just fucking awful. It was just awful, man,” sighs Dean.