Scott Weiland Reportedly Wanted Vodka At Every Concert


TMZ is reporting that they have Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts’ backstage rider for their ‘Master Blaster’ tour, which required “sober stage hands” for the shows.

Members of the Wildabouts reportedly got a full stocked bar in their dressing rooms. They got whiskey, vodka and beer. The rider says Scott got a bottle of Pinot and a bottle of organic vodka.

TMZ also reports that Scott was “drunk texting” famous musicians over the last few days of his life, which led to fears of a drug relapse. Weiland died on Thursday night, and Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black was arrested for cocaine possession. Scott’s widow Jamie Weiland has denied to TMZ that Scott was on drugs, while admitting that he would drink socially.

Stone Temple Pilots canceled fall 2010 concerts so that Scott Weiland could get sober. Weiland even announced that he intended to stop drinking at a concert in Texas, which led to a month’s worth of shows being canceled as he got sober with the help of Bob Forrest. Weiland wrote about this in his 2011 memoir Not Dead & Not For Sale, where he admitted that despite quitting heroin and harder drugs, alcohol was another addiction for him.

“For years I’ve known goddamn well that I’m a drunk, but who wants to admit that? After kicking the strong stuff, why couldn’t I have a little drink now and then? What harm was there in a small indulgence? The answer was serious harm – potentially fatal harm. For me, putting a drink in my mouth is something like putting a lead blanket over my heart. There’s been so much pain in the past few years that I’m afraid to feel, or commit. I pray that this will end. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want to be able to love again.

The dream of every drunk – to be able to manage their drinking – is one that has died hard for me. My prayer is that, once and for all, that dream is dead. So I’m back to counting days. It’s nearly been two months since I’ve had a drink. By the time you read this book, my hope is that it will be six months.”

Unfortunately Weiland relapsed on alcohol in early 2011, as he revealed on Howard Stern in May 2011 when promoting the book in an interview.