Scott Weiland Son Details Marilyn Manson Performance


Late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s son Noah Weiland, who front the band Suspect208, revealed that the first concert he remembered attending with his parents that wasn’t a performance of his Dad’s was Marilyn Manson.

Weiland told Alicia Atout, as transcribed by Alternative Nation, “My first concert was probably, I mean obviously probably the same as [London Hudson, Slash’s son, a Velvet Revolver show], but that I could remember. The first concert that I went with my parents to that was a different one, was Marilyn Manson. I was 5.”

London Hudson said Suspect208’s first single “Long Awaited” was ready for radio.

“That song that we put out, in our opinion, is our most commercial-ready rock song.” He added, “The times that we live in, the industry is fucked. The industry sucks. Basically, we’re in a very shitty industry where. I think, there’s a loss of appreciation and dedication to the craft.

And we’re bringing back the work that goes into it. Even for something like this, it took us a good amount of time to get it done, and we had to put work in. And for Noah, it’s something that’s new for him, and he was able to just fucking come in and kill it.”