Billy Corgan Reacts To Awful Concert Ticket Sales


Billy Corgan recently discussed poor Smashing Pumpkins ticket sales leading to a cancelation of a Vancouver concert on the Oceania tour, prior to Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha’s 2018 return.

A fan asked Corgan, “Vancouver BC on your list for a future show?” WPC responded, “Last time we booked a show in Vancouver BC there were so few ticket sales we cancelled the show. So sadly, doesn’t look good.”

Billy Corgan recently revealed to My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way if he is more resistant to control as he gets older.

“I think you have to start with the foundational concept of control, meaning what makes one person think that they have dominion over another. In our case, to be specific about it, the minute we step on a stage, we meet forms of control.

There’s the audience that’s going to tell you, ‘Yes or no, we agree or don’t agree with what you’re doing.’ Then there’s the guy at the record label. You’re getting into, ‘Is the government getting involved with censorship?’ There’s the media, what you can and can’t say, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable.

Every step along the way, there is someone who is assuming a right of dominion over me or you or someone else on the choices that we want to make with our creativity. Now, step aside and think of the guy or woman who just has a good job, and they’re a good citizen of the community. They’re constantly told what they need to put in their body, what they need to believe, who they need to vote for, what they should and shouldn’t do, what they should and shouldn’t watch.

This is all born of the human desire for control of others because, in essence, the more people you can control or the more things you can control, the closer you are to immortality. Because that’s the stuff of Gods.”