Scott Weiland Son Emotionally Details Drug Use


Late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland’s son Noah Weiland has released a new single, his first since leaving Suspect208. The new song is called “Save Me” and is about drug abuse, bipolar disorder, and other subjects. He also sings, ‘Since my Daddy’s gone, I’ve been so alone’ as the last line of the song.

Weiland wrote on Instagram, “FROM PAIN , PARANOIA , BEING BROKE AS FUCK , BIPOLAR DISORDER , DRUG ABUSE , RAGE , LOVE , BETRAYAL , HEARTBREAK & GRIEF .. THANK U @saintleonard_ (MIX/MASTER/MUSIC) 4L * THE BEGINNING ! THE MADNESS & THE LOVE !* SAVE ME ! LINK IN BIO <333 ++ WILL BE ON ALL PLATFORMS SHORTLY!" Suspect2018 just announced Noah Weiland’s replacement. WeRinControl posted on STP’s Reddit about the new singer, “Heard their new song with the new guy. It’s not good, just sounds like generic cock rock.”

FlyingMerpa responded, “Same feeling. The music isn’t ‘bad’ from a technical sense, just generic, but the vocals sounds like something I would’ve heard in any midwestern town high school band.”

Juddbang responded, “This band was good with Weiland. Such a distinctive sound – new singer brings nothing to the table. I bet both parties will recognize this as time goes on. Guitarist needs to get rid of that girlfriend of his as well, too involved. I know how Weiland allegedly brought her into it but maybe knew how Niko would react, obviously.”

Juddbang added, “Edit – in that London/niko/especially tye will realize that aren’t half as good without Noah.”