Vicky Cornell Unloads On Soundgarden Fan Demanding Album


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky responded to a Soundgarden fan asking her to send the band Chris’ vocal demos for their new unheard final album. The comments were made on a photo of Chris and his son meeting LeBron James in February 2017.

Vicky wrote, “My sweet boys❤️❤️ I remember them sending selfies and how excited C was to meet Lebrun. It’s crazy how life can change in an instant…”

A fan named Kelvinpgbn commented, “@vickycornell could you please give the unfinished song to @soundgarden ??”

Toni Cornell responded, “@kelvinpgbn could you try to be a little respectful on my dad’s page on a post of a picture of him with my brother? We want my dad back can’t have that so I’m sorry if you are not getting what you want at this moment. 🙏”

Kelvinpgbn then wrote, “@tonicornell i’m so sorry, i wasn’t trying to be direspectful towards your family. i love your dad so much and i’m sure we all do. as a fan, for me soundgarden is the place where he spilled sweat and tears for his music to be heard, it meant so much for us all.”

Vicky shot back, “@kelvinpgbn love and respect should go hand in hand. Sadly all too often it does not. Your statement ‘spilled sweat and tears’ assuming that’s the case even more a reason to respect THE MAN and HIS contribution.

He is not just a vocal tracK BUT the heart and soul of Soundgarden – his sweat and his tears deserve recognition and respect. Thank you for loving Chris! Hope you enjoyed the latest album we just released for him that he finished and was looking so forward to releasing it himself and touring it! ✌️”