Scott Weiland Widow Announces Farewell Release


Scott Weiland surely left a huge legacy before he sadly passed away. With the legacy that he left behind, he also left behind many fans and family members who loved him and his work as well.

Enter Scott’s widow, Jamie Weiland who is carrying on the legacy of the Weiland name while also carving out her name more and more.

In a recent post by Jamie Weiland on her Instagram, she shows a photo in which focuses on an upcoming event which features the wife of the legendary artist.

In the post, it states: “Although Scott is gone from this lifetime, there are many images and memories and stories of him that remain, most of which are untold. Scott’s wife, Jamie, is embarking on a project to share the last four years of his life that she documented extensively. This would be considered a labor of love to those that truly saw the immense, irreplaceable talent and incredible man that Scott was.”

It looks like Jamie Weiland will be doing an AMA at the event, where fans can quite literally ask Jamie anything about anything that they wish. It should be a fun event and we are looking forward to the questions that will be asked at the event as there should be a lot of great stories to come from Jamie.

Details on the event are as followed, so plan accordingly: “Please tune in for an intimate Q+A this Wednesday, September 21st at 2 pm PST on Twitch and YouTube; just go to the VIBESTREAMNETWORK channel. Look forward to seeing you there!”

The event will also be a great stepping stone for those who are interested in web3. If you are interested in web3, make sure to check out the entire event to catch up on all things that are being featured here.