Guns N’ Roses Record New “November Rain” With Big Name


As we previously reported, Guns N’ Roses were set to release a box set of Use Your Illusion. At the time, not much was clear about what all the box set would entail. Now, we have some clarity and fans are not very happy with what is currently being offered up to them to purchase.

The Use Your Illusion box set will seemingly have the original lineup of songs, but November Rain will be an orchestral piece, a newly re-recorded version with a 50 piece orchestra and Christopher Lennertz. Fans were not very happy about this. With that piece aside, Reddit fans are also not happy that they will have to shell out over $120 for the box set which really doesn’t have anything extra that you can’t already find online.

This isn’t the only thing out of the Guns camp – The new Thor flick, Thor: Love and Thunder, just came out on Disney Plus and many are hearing the Guns N’ Roses hits throughout the film.

That’s because the film-makers used Guns N’ Roses substantially in the movie. Guns music was heard in the most important parts of the movie. You could hear G’N’R most notable in the epic fight scenes and important introductions in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The band have done a great job with making themselves extremely relevant once more by way of being included in films and getting on the wave of social media.