Scott Weiland’s Family, Friends & Bandmates Discuss His Final Days


Billboard have up a new piece on Scott Weiland’s final days, and months. The article reveals that Scott had hepatitis C, struggled with mental illness and antipsychotic medication, and he found out his parents had cancer this year (leading to him breaking down and crying before a soundcheck in San Diego a few months ago).

It is also mentioned in Billboard’s article that Scott’s children did not attend his funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. What Billboard didn’t mention though is that Scott’s children had their own private memorial for Scott, where they learned about who Scott was growing up from his oldest friends, and sent him off to Heaven in a way that honored his Catholic faith.

In Billboard’s article, Scott’s widow Jamie, mother Sharon, bandmates Tommy Black and Nick Maybury, tour manager Aaron Mohler, and more remember the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman.

“His body had ­suffered an enormous amount of abuse; that’s no secret. But he was not done,” says Jamie. “The notion that we’re not supposed to ‘glamorize him’ [because he did drugs]? F– that. He’s an icon.” He also was human. “He f–ed up. We all f– up. You know?”

Scott’s last text to Jamie was on the morning of December 3rd, “I’m so in love with my beautiful wife.”

“A lot of times I’ve seen Scott do coke so he could drink more,” says tour manager Aaron Mohler. “If I had known he was going to die, I would have taken every bottle away from him and thrown it. Just broke it right there.”

Tommy Black fled to a TGI Friday’s when he learned of Weiland’s death. “I had a bunch of shots,” he admits. He drank so much so quickly, he soon had to be carried out. “I was just bewildered and really upset. I lost my best friend.”

Jamie also discussed the legal battle with Weiland’s ex-wife Mary over his estate.

“I don’t know under what mattress she thinks she’s going to find $2 million, because it sure as shit isn’t here,” says Jamie. Public records show more than $147,000 in state tax liens on Weiland’s property. “He was broke.”