Steven Tyler Reveals Why John Lennon ‘Screamed’ Before Death


Steven Tyler, legendary Aerosmith frontman recently gave a feature to Haute Living about his sobriety and being honored at Musicares next year. In addition, Tyler talked about the moment he finally realized he was going to be in a band and how the words of the iconic co-founder of the Beatles himself, John Lennon got him through that rollercoaster of a time.

Tyler stated: “In fact, on the way down to Boston from New Hampshire I thought, ‘My God, we are going to be in a band. This is going to be a good one. And then I thought, ‘What am I going to write songs about? If I’m standing in front of a crowd, what would I sing?’ So I would probably say, ‘Good evening, people, welcome to the show. Got something here I want you all to know.’ Steven Tyler threat to ‘ruin’ Aerosmith revealed.

Tyler continued: “And then I thought about a book I had just read that John Lennon was talking about…He read a book written by Arthur Janov, The Primal Scream, about just getting it out of your system. Mom died, Dad left, and you know—scream therapy. So, ‘Good evening, people, welcome to the show. Got something here I want you all to know. When life and people bring on primal screams, you got to think of what it’s gonna take to make your dreams.'” Steven Tyler ‘forced’ into rehab by this Aerosmith member.

Steven Tyler reveals drug ‘worse’ than heroin. Tyler concluded: “So I wrote my first lyric, and then I grabbed my guitar, and I tuned it to an open cord. And one good thing my dad gave me as a gift ’cause he went to Juilliard—I grew up under the piano. So I had an ear. Not only did I know scales, I knew not only the notes [but also] the sharps and the flats, and more importantly, what lives in between notes.”