Sean Penn Joins Eddie Vedder At Comeback Show

Photo by Brett Buchanan for

Eddie Vedder performs “Corduroy” at VAX LIVE, and talks about the importance of equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, calling on governments to stop stockpiling doses and pharmaceutical companies to provide vaccines at cost. Sean Penn introduced Vedder, and Josh Klinghoffer from RHCP joined him onstage.

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RatherStarved wrote on the Ten Club board, “It was nice to see a performance in front of real people, although I understand the amount of audience screening that went into that production would be tough to scale for a tour.

I thought it was a good version of Patriot and a not so good version of Corduroy, though it is good he saved the real good Corduroy for the next PJ show.”

On2Legs said, “It was visually jarring for me to see Ed up there with another band behind him. I give him credit for changing up Corduroy so it didn’t appear like he was performing a standard version of the song without the rest of the guys.”