Foo Fighters ‘Box Set’ Of Unheard Songs Leaks?


Dave Grohl revealed in a new Foo Fighters Reddit AMA that the band have a ‘box set’ worth of unheard songs.

“Hello Dave! First of all you are awesome, and you inspired me to pick up the drums and guitar (learning bass too).

A fan asked, “You mentioned that you guys recorded a few extra tracks for Medicine at Midnight, will we ever hear those?

Will we ever get to hear other rare tracks and/or demos (maybe a box set)? I would love to hear full versions of songs like Watered It Down and Slackers Password.

Any advice for finding people to play with and start a band with (teen here)?

Do you have a favorite song to play drums to? Mine would have to be either Stairway to Heaven or New Fang by TCV.

Have a great day!”

Dave responded, “1/2 – Maybe? We have an entire back catalog of songs we’ve recorded and never used so we could have an entire boxset but we’ll see!

3 – The most important thing is that you vibe with the person even more so than musically. You should want to spend time together as friends.

4 – Mine would be Elephants by Them Crooked Vultures.”