Seattle Legends ‘Healed’ Alice In Chains Member After Layne Staley Death


Mike Inez discussed Seattle legends Heart helping him heal after Layne Staley’s death in a new Bass Player magazine interview.

“I did Heart from 2002 to 2006. It was right after Layne had passed away, and I couldn’t have fallen into a better place for me to heal. I was surrounded by the wonderful love of Ann and Nancy Wilson, and we did a few world tours and we tracked a record called Jupiter’s Darling at [Microsoft co-founder] Paul Allen’s studio.”

“Those girls ooze music. From the moment they wake up in the morning, whether they are getting ready to do press, or while they are putting on their makeup for the show, they’re harmonizing with music, like Emmylou Harris CDs, and coming up with harmonies that aren’t even on those records.

Then, after the show, they’ll be up until four in the morning drinking wine with acoustic guitars, and you can call out any band—the Kinks or the Rolling Stones or the Beatles— and they can play it. They just live music. I learned so much from Ann and Nancy on a personal and philosophical level. I was very grateful to get to heal after Layne’s death, which was really heavy for me.”