Alice In Chains ‘Ruining’ New Tool Album Revealed


Alice In Chains’ latest album Rainier Fog somewhat ruined the preparation for the production of the new Tool album Fear Inoculum, according to producer Joe Bareresi on Kerrang Radio. Soundgarden revealed if Alice In Chains disrespected Layne Staley yesterday.

“When Tool first came to me to start recording the follow-up to [2006’s] ‘10,000 Days,’ I kept getting the occasional call, like, ‘We’re gonna start tomorrow or next week.’ Every time, it never happened. So honestly, I didn’t think it was gonna happen.

I thought it was gonna happen last year, for sure, I just didn’t know it was gonna happen that quick. So, I honestly wasn’t prepared at all. I was in the middle of mixing Alice in Chains, they’re, like, ‘When are you done?’ I was, like, ‘March,’ so there really wasn’t any preparation at all for me, which kinda sucked.

On ‘10,000 Days,’ I got to sit in the rehearsal room for a month; I would listen to the songs, I’d write arrangements down if I couldn’t count something…If it was in some crazy time signature, I could ask those guys what time it was in, they would explain it to me and I could jot down some tempos and stuff so when we got to the studio, I can kind of start them, like, ‘Hey, this sounded really great, I’ll just give you a bar of click and let’s roll.’

This record, they’ve invited me down many times, I was just so busy at the time, I couldn’t do that. And going into the record and having the demos, such a huge body of material, it was crazy, actually.”

Maynard James Keenan reacted to an attempted Tool show drug arrest a few days ago. Tool played “Descending” for the first time on their fall North American tour on Saturday in Indianapolis.

MrBilbro said, “They just played Descending for the first time this tour! Very satisfied. I think they dropped Invincible for it though. Fair trade imo.”

Carl_Higgins wrote, “Looks like they totally dropped intolerance/part of me for it, which is kinda disappointing me. I’ve been looking forward to something off off undertow. I’ll be happy to hear descending though, and I’m fairly indifferent on the pot.”

A Tool member confirmed a Fear Inoculum sequel last week. Advaita-VedantaAngel commented, “To be honest. You can barely make out Maynard over the music. He pauses a lot more now. It was noticeable in Vicarious, he left out the scream at the end. It was still a great experience and Descending was well worth it.”

They later chimed in, “Jambi, Vicarious, Invincible, and Descending. You almost get spoiled. Aenema was incredible and I had never heard it live. CCT was the only one that could have just been omitted. It sounded nothing like the album and I struggled to see the point of it because of that. He didn’t even tear it up on the drums. Kinda weird.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Barresi’s comments.