Selena Gomez Cheerleader Photo For Austin Butler Leaks


Elvis star Austin Butler revealed that Selena Gomez texted him a photo of her in a cheerleader outfit as he filmed his hit movie, Butler told Vanity Fair.

“When I was filming Elvis, Selena found this photograph of the two of us when I did a guest-star thing on her show Wizards of Waverly Place,” Austin remembered. “And she sends it to me, just going, ‘Wow, remember this?’ It feels like another life.” You can view the photo below.

With Elvis Presley being heavily noted recently due to the huge hit that is the movie based upon his life, there are tons of new stories coming out about the figure.

Elvis’ relationship with Priscilla is something that has been a focal point for all fans of the star. The relationship was very problematic as she was 14 and Elvis was 25. With this in mind, Elvis had to ‘convince’ the young girl’s parents to let them marry.

In the modern age, this is manipulation to the fullest and Priscilla’s parents were not convinced by the idea.

Elvis took things into his own hands. He made a call to her mother, Ann, and her stepfather, Captain Paul Beaulieu, to ask if he could move Priscilla to the USA permanently.

In order to convince the worried parents, he made some assurances. First of all – and most importantly – he promised that Priscilla would go to the best Catholic school money could buy. She would finish her education and come out of it with a high-school diploma.

If that wasn’t enough, he also assured Ann and Captain Paul that Priscilla would not be living with him in Graceland. Instead, he pitched Priscilla moving in with his father, Vernon Presley, who had recently remarried to a woman named Dee, and lived nearby.

Just three months later, in March 1963, the deal was done. Priscilla moved to the USA. However, not all of Elvis’ promises were kept.

Priscilla became “uncomfortable” living with Vernon and his wife. So before long, she moved into Graceland with Elvis.

But shortly after that, there was a major upheaval for the young couple – and for Priscilla’s domestic dreams. Elvis would have affairs until the two would eventually marry as Elvis felt that it was the only way for him to keep her around. That would come to an end as the two would eventually divorce.

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