Motley Crue Singer Pool Photo Revealed


Vince Neil has posted a new Motley Crue pool photo, as seen below. Dee Snider has been speaking up a lot lately – and not so favorably when it comes to other musical acts. Why Snider appears to be attacking fellow peers lately is anyone’s guess. We do know that Snider is not planning on any type of a reunion album or tour. Speaking of tours, Snider claims that Motley Crue and Kiss reunions were not for fans – and only about money.

As per Ultimate Guitar, Andrew Daly caught up with Snider to discuss his work with Twisted Sister’s performance at the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame this year. Although officially retired, the band got back together for a one-off show to celebrate their induction into Metal Hall. Below, you can find the second part of this interview.

“The band Twisted Sister, as an entity, can do it without me if they wanted to, but if they were to go out, no, I would not participate. I have an incredible love for the guys, and it was great to get up there with them the other night. It was fun to rehearse with them and hang out with them, and we’re still really close friends, but that chapter of my life is behind me now. I’ve also loudly denounced bands who do the farewell tour thing and then come back a few years later; I think it is such a pile of dogshit.

But to clarify my stance on all of that — you could stay forever. Please do stay forever. Never leave us. Stay on stage until you die. If you look at a band like Rush, they played until Neil Peart couldn’t do it anymore. God bless them. Alice Cooper told me he’s looking forward to being on stage at 80 years old. God bless him. He told me that in person, and I said, ‘Dude, I love you for that, but that’s not for me.’ I said I was done, and I promise you, when it comes to Twisted Sister, I am done. I said that I wanted to move on to other things, and I meant it.

And you know what? Nobody took it seriously. And why would they? Everyone assumed because nobody else, like Motley and KISS, played by the rules, that I wouldn’t stay retired. They all said, ‘What? That’s not how the farewell tour rules work. Dee has got to come back.’ They think that because this whole other rule book was written where people ‘retire’ and then come back a few years later. But not me. Am I open to a quick song here or there or a fun one-off? Yeah, sure. But a whole tour with long sets? No way.”