Sevendust Singer Attacked By ‘Racists’ At Concert


Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose of Sevendust revealed if singer Lajon Witherspoon has ever been told racist remarks at concerts in a new Rocking With Jam Man interview.

“A few times. Not as much as you would think. That never entered our ignorant, or naïve, minds when we started. We never looked at anything [in terms of race] — it had nothing to do with that. So when it happened, it was, like, ‘Oh, shit!’

“I think the first time I really saw it and it freaked me out was [the] ‘Tattoo The Earth’ [tour in 2000]. And we were playing in Phoenix, Arizona, which was a big city for us. And we were playing, and I’m in the middle of the show, and I hear ‘clink, clink.’ And I’m, like, ‘What is that?’, the sound of this dinging off of my stands. And I looked. My drum tech looks at me, and he lifts up this f***ing rock.

It was, like, big — that if it were to hit me in the face or in the head, it would do real damage. And they’re all over the place. And I look out, and there’s these guys with their shirts [pulled over the faces], and they’re going like this [makes ‘Sieg Heil’ arm salute] in the back of the crowd.

So we got off the stage and hauled ass immediately — like, literally, show’s over, and we ran to get to ’em. And the police had already gotten there. But it happens. A few times that’s happened to us.”