Eddie Vedder Surprise Retirement Announcement Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s surprise retirement appearance to celebrate the end of Tony Stewart’s NASCAR career was tweeted by Nascar on NBC earlier this week, where Eddie celebrated his career.

Just_One posted, “I think 2:45/3:00 hours are over. With the news of them having an opening band i think the shows will slow down to 2hours/2:15 hours maybe 2:30 hours.” Zod responded, “Maybe a positive glimmer of hope is that the final dates of the 2013 tour had mudhoney opening and they were still 3 hour+ shows.”

PJNB said, “The band will come on their normal start time and do the set they want to do. An opening band is not going to change this. 2018’s average number of songs where already trending down though and I see it staying that way for this tour too unless the new album drops which I do not see happening. ”

A Pearl Jam new album title was revealed by Neil Young earlier this week. Bootlegger10 chimed in, “A 14 show tour in 30 days could be a sign they will still play their 2:45 to 3:00 shows. If they had a 40 date tour then I think they would shorten the shows.”

Gern Blansten wrote, “An opener just fills time when PJ isn’t on stage anyway. What was the start time last year? Like 830? An opener from 730-815 isn’t going to take much away from a normal set.” JPPJ84 commented, “Age catches up with everybody so I won’t hold that against anyone. I’m just terribly excited and happy my favorite band is still touring and is still excellent live!”

PJ_Soul concluded, “Maybe their shows will get shorter (I kind of hope so – I think 3 hours is too long for most of the crowd). But FWIW, the last time I saw them with an opening band, they still put on a show that was over 3 hours long and played until after midnight. I don’t think openers or lack thereof has anything to do with it.” Eddie Vedder recently attended an event held by Chris Cornell’s ex-wife.