Sheryl Crow Humiliated At Grammys Performance


Sheryl Crow has posted on Instagram about her tribute to Christine McVie at the Grammys.

She said, “Beautiful Christine! 🕊️ Last night during our tribute, something really strange happened. I sat down to play with @bonnieraittofficial and @mickfleetwoodofficial and the piano was not working right. I still cannot wrap my brain around it because I’ve never had it happen but the clock started for Mick and the first chord I played, only a couple of notes at a time would play. At one point, the piano in our ears was in a different key than what I was playing!

Thankfully, the broadcast mixer noticed something was off and switched over to the microphones. So to everyone else it sounds completely normal. But for us, the digital patch that was what we heard in our ears was CRAZY! 😩🤯

Needless to say, I was disappointed but Mick and I decided after the performance that perhaps Christine might be up there sipping champagne and giggling, having been a keyboard player herself. ❤️

So happy for my friend, Bonnie though!! What a night! #grammys.”

NowThis tweeted, “And to bring the In Memoriam segment to a close, Mick Fleetwood accompanied Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt for a moving cover of ‘Songbird,’ originally written by his late Fleetwood Mac bandmember, Christine McVie #GRAMMYs.”