Adele Shows Behind In Beyonce Grammys Video


Adele was forced to move as a man walked by in a Grammys video with Beyonce, which led to her showing part of her behind view, as seen below. Adele recently reacted in very meme fashion to Trevor Noah calling out SZA as an “almost marine biologist,” for most people, seemingly including Adele, this joke went of their head.

At the Grammy’s Adele was seen looking a bit confused at Trevor Noah’s joke as she looked to her side to get a bit more filled in on what the joke was about. Noah was the host of the show and many people were split about having him host it.

On the one side, Trevor does have many fans who support what he does and what his comedy is all about. On the other side? Well, it’s not the same by any means. While throwing hate Trevor Noah’s way is definitely not the answer, many seemed to have missed that memo as they ranted and raved about his hosting skills at the Grammy Awards.

Tweets fired off left and right and they came to a peak when the joke about SZA came through as Adele shared her thoughts as well, albeit in more of a meme form than words could ever say.

While Adele may not have understood the joke – Trevor Noah did help her out at the beginning of the event as she introduced The Rock to Adele as the two were able to share a moment together and Adele seemed very flattered to meet The Rock. So, while maybe some things fell a bit flat – Adele still was able to have a great night.