Silverchair Reveal If They’d Reunite For A Million Dollars


Daniel Johns has told The Daily Telegraph that he will not reunite with Silverchair, even for a million dollars or if he was forced to at gunpoint.

The beloved 90’s alternative rock singer said he isn’t ‘dissing’ the band, but he’s moved on from that stage of his life.

‘When I say I wouldn’t reform Silverchair even at gunpoint or for a million dollars, it sounds like I’m dissing the band… I’m not,’ he started.

‘I love Silverchair. I’m super proud of the band and I love the records we did. But it got to a point where it wasn’t working for me.’

The news will be a disappointment for fans of the Newcastle-born rocker.

It comes after the frontman revealed his battle with stage fright on TV program Interview with Andrew Denton earlier this month.

During the tell-all interview, he spoke of his struggle with an anxiety disorder for the past 15 years. Silverchair went on indefinite hiatus in 2011, and they haven’t released an album since 2007’s Young Modern. Johns released his debut solo album Talk in 2015, and he debuted his new project DREAMS earlier this year. Johns has not toured in several years, mentioning in his interviewing with Andrew Denton that his crippling anxiety and stage freight has made playing live a challenge throughout his career.