Silverchair Singer Breaks Silence On Hiatus


Former Silverchair singer Daniel Johns has released an open letter to fans about his hiatus from music.

“Dear anyone,

The world is in a very strange order at the moment. It’s very confronting and bemusing. The reason I’ve not released music is not because of that. Sometimes I need to feel like a human being and feel what other human beings feel without believing that I am important or creative. I am not. I need to creative. There is no need for people to see, hear, or appreciate it.

I have been learning that the longer I’m away from peoples opinions the stronger I become. Art is not a way to receive validation. I believe it’s a way to feel connected to whatever this is and not a way to make people feel something for you. I’m not sure what I’m doing? I’m not sure how I want to do it though.

In a time when people need guidance I cannot help as I’m seeking it myself. This is no cry for help/this is a way to say to anyone who is listening or reading it’s OK to be confused, disillusioned, saddened. It’s also OK to be inspired, optimistic, and brave.”