SixTwoSeven’s “Heaven Knows” Is Glorious Listen For Nine Inch Nails Fans


SixTwoSeven, the ambitious, in your face rock outfit from Greg Bilderback have released two killer songs that you absolutely must stop to hear! “Heaven Knows” and “Running with the Big Kids” perfectly encapsulate the artistry and edge of the alternative rockers. Formed in 2016, “Heaven Knows” and “Running with the Big Kids” show the fantastic growth and further potential the band has conquered in a mere two years of life.

Helping the band further define their sound and cut their teeth is the extensive touring they’ve gotten under the belt. The wealth of experience and professional growth that comes with a run of successful tours no doubt seeped its way into these two tracks.

“Heaven Knows” launches into form with a glorious guitar riff reminiscent of big hair 80’s metal before attacking the listener with an onslaught of dark, scratchy vocals in the vein of Trent Reznor. With a full blown alternative rock sonic assault. The richness and maturity of the song far extends that of which you would expect from a band still somewhat in their infancy- but therein lies the genius behind SixSevenTwo. The song-writing of Greg Bilderback is slick, tight and all encompassing.  The man knows how to compose a great song.

On “Running With the Big Kids”, the slithery guitar line jives about while the vocal melody is what owns you from the get-go. There’s a lot to hold onto and say, “AHAH!” with on “Running With the Big Kids” and each musical aspect is a winner- even the understated, driving drums which carry the song along all the way through to the finish.

Solid rock and alternative bands are no doubt underrepresented in our current musical climate. What elevates SixTwoSeven is their undeniable charm and polished song-writing. You can never go wrong with strong song-writing. Here though, the added bonus is that the songs are killer and harken back to a better time in rock music we all wish we could return to.