Slash’s Brother Reveals Heartbreaking Surgery Photos


Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash’s brother Ash has shared a new photo of himself as he underwent surgery. Fortunately Ash is doing good after the operation.

He wrote on Instagram, “I’m OK! Could have been worse.”

He also humorously said, “The first words that came out of my mouth after surgery were can I smoke now I swear on my mama.”

He posted a day prior, “Ash Hudson, Photographer :
a man barely alive
Gentlemen we can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man
Ash Hudson will be that man
Better than he was before
Better, Stronger, Faster
Wait! What!! His insurance won’t cover it! Fuck him send him to county hospital. Let them do a ghetto rebuild, Ha.”

Ash Hudson is a photographer, and has done a lot of work for Slash. Ash announced earlier this month:

Japan Tour Edition
Edition 1/75
Print Size 13.9×19.7 B3
Offset Press printed in Japan
Archival Ink & paper 256gram
Hand Signed by Slash
Numbered Edition
Certificate of authenticity.”

You can view the powerful new photos from Ash Hudson below from his Instagram page.