Slash Devastated By Horrible Disease News


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his girlfriend Meegan Hodges were devastated by his Conspirators bandmate Frank Sidoris announcing that his wife has cancer.

“Tonight was my last show of the European tour as I am headed back to the US to be with my wife @alexandriafinley for her first full-on chemotherapy treatment. Our good friend @corychurko will be filling in for me for the remainder of this European run and I can’t thank him enough. I will rejoin for the US/Canada tour, see you then! #smkc.”

Meegan commented, “Go take care of your woman! You will be back out sooner or later!”

Meegan Hodges also recently revealed photos of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant in his underwear.

Slash recently told Rock Cellar Magazine, “The record’s out, and we’ve been touring on it. We just finished a really epic little run from Asia through New Zealand, Australia and then Europe. We’re going back out in May and doing South America, then we’re doing festivals in Europe. Then we’re coming back to the States, and we’re doing U.S. and Canada, and we’re doing Lollapalooza as one of those dates in there. Then we get done in mid-August. That will basically be the wrap for the Living the Dream tour.

But it’s been really, really fucking well-received thus far. It’s definitely been the best tour that we’ve done to date. And it just shows that we managed to get from one place to the next place to the next place, and it’s just cool to have that forward motion.”

  • kingdiamond

    What is this the national enquirer for music?