Slash Drops Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Bombshell


In a new Bayrock Drive interview, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash claimed that Led Zeppelin were planning a tour with Myles Kennedy as singer. It’s been confirmed for years that they worked together, but this is definitive proof of what their intentions were at the time before they decided not to move forward. Alternative Nation transcribed Slash’s comments.

Slash: To try and make a long story short, I did a solo record that did a bunch of featured lead singers on it back in 2010. When I was making that record, I was almost finished making that record and I had a couple of songs left over and I hadn’t figured out who should sing those two songs. I’d been hearing a lot about Myles Kennedy for years, but I never actually heard him sing. At one point we were actually auditioning for Velvet Revolver back in 2004 before Scott Weiland came into it. So when I was making this record I thought “I wonder if Myles Kennedy is interested,” and I wanted to see what he [would] think, because he had just worked with Led Zeppelin for a tour that they were going to do at the time. So I thought, he must be good, right?

Slash continued:

Slash: So I called him up and told him I was doing this thing, would you be interested in doing it and I sent him the material to which he put a demo vocal on it, sent it back to me a few days later and I was just blown away. So I flew him into Los Angeles and we met for the first time and we got along really well. We recorded a song called ‘Starlight’ and then I asked him to do the other one and it turned out to be another song called ‘Back From Cali.’

Slash concluded:

Slash: So after that was over with, I was trying to figure out how to support the record because I obviously couldn’t have all these different singers from the album out on the road so I asked Myles [Kennedy]. I knew Myles had the range to be able to cover all of the material that it was that I was going to be doing, which was stuff from the solo record and stuff from Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and stuff, right?