Slash’s Ex-Wife Details Velvet Revolver Drama: ‘Everybody Turned Their F*cking Back On Him’

Photo: Rocco Guarino

Photo credit: Rocco Guarino

On the Left Unsupervised podcast, Slash’s ex-wife Perla Ferrar detailed how ‘everybody turning their fucking backs on him’ and not being able to rely on Guns N’ Roses money coming in anymore was part of what led to the formation of Velvet Revolver with late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

“During the divorce I had to put together a timeline of everything, I didn’t realize until I went in hindsight and looked at it, the first four years of [our marriage] was between declining heart transplants, hospitals, OD’s, cleaning him up because he got cardiomyopathy in his heart, and that means basically your heart swells up the size of a nerf football, and your blood doesn’t pump.

But for the longest time we weren’t sure what it was, is it indigestion, did he eat something salty? Because he would go to Taco Bell, and that’s what would activate it. So for the first four years, that’s all I did, then I got pregnant. Then it’s like okay, we can’t just count on this Guns N’ Roses money coming in, we need to do something. Together we built his brand, together we started licensing the t-shirts, the merchandise, the rights, the book, Velvet Revolver came along. That was something that was brought up-”

Host Elizabeth Morales said, “That was something that was in huge part created by you.”

Perla responded, “Of course it was, because he had nobody but me. Everybody had turned their fucking backs on him. It’s like he took a forget it all pill, and forgot about those things, but that’s the truth of the matter.”