Slash Flipping Off Guns N’ Roses Fan At Airport Is Awesome


A fan wrote on Facebook that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently flipped him off after he asked for a photo at a Nashville airport. The fan took a photo of Slash flipping him off.

Note that Slash has not shared his side of the story, so people shouldn’t jump to conclusions and attack Slash for his behavior when we don’t know the manner in which the fan actually talked to Slash, as there have been many stories about fans being rude and paparazzi posing as fans. There is even new video of Slash from an autograph signing over the weekend where he is being very friendly to fans.

thunderram wrote on MyGNRForum, “I’ve met/talked with Slash numerous times over the past 20 years, mostly while on tour with Blues Ball, Snakepit and SMKC. I’ve never witnessed anything like this. He’s always been accommodating, polite and very down to earth. At one show @ Slim’s in SF, he walked right out the venue’s front door prior to the show while there was a huge line to get in. The fans went crazy and he said hi to everyone. Who does that??

On at least 3-4 different occasions, he’s stepped off his tour bus after a show to a large crowd in order to sign, take pics and talk with fans. And I remember one instance when I asked him a question about an upcoming album as he was literally boarding his bus to leave and he did a 180 to step off the bus and answer my question.”

In short, if this really went down, it’s more of a rare occurrence IMO. In fact, I’d wager that the guy was being an asshat and deserved the treatment he received. I obviously have no idea what the truth is, but that would be my educated guess based upon about a dozen interactions I’ve had over the past 20 years.”

See photos below, including one the fan took of Slash on a plane, and the video of Slash recently being very friendly to fans at an autograph signing.

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Axl Rose was recently filmed after Guns N’ Roses’ show in New York being cordial with fans and signing several autographs. Rose then attempts to get in a car that he thinks is his, but gets out. He then sees another car that is his ride, but he is unhappy when it has people in it and he does not get in. eBayers and paparazzi attempt to get more autographs from Rose, invading his personal space, and a frustrated Rose asks them to leave him alone. Watch the video below.