Marilyn Manson Bandmate Believes Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell ‘Punished’ Others


Marilyn Manson’s former bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy linked to a story with the headline “BANDMATE ON WHY MARILYN MANSON IS ‘MORE OF A FIGHTER’ THAN CHESTER BENNINGTON & CHRIS CORNELL” on Facebook. He wrote, “Some of us get help. We call doctors, we see psychiatrists & therapists…we do not punish others with our self-destructive tendencies.”

A fan mentioned that Manson is an only child.

“And maybe that is what keeps him alive, and I appreciate that.”

“I am certainly not saying he is some role model, I am just saying that he hasn’t killed himself and ruined his children’s lives.”

“Everything I say is honestly in my heart, at the moment I say it.”

“I feel for him, any person whom you truly loved… a little piece of you will always love.”

“I don’t know what keeps him motivated, I just know that he keeps alive…”

He then discussed depression.

“I found it somewhat silly that they thought I did not understand the chemical imbalances of depression nor the actual feeling of it…. I sooo do…and therefore I comment.”

“I am not a hero nor a role model, I’m a person just like them… However, I choose to fight against the easy way out.”

“Not that we don’t want to end this pain, but that we know that others are in Greater pain and still continue.”

“Become a masochist, get into the pain.”

“The universe is a teacher, a very strict Japanese sensei, who will make you do the thing you hate most until you no longer hate it.”

“Get into it and you shall get over it.”