Slash Hints At What Axl Rose Could Write About On New Guns N’ Roses Album


Slash commented on what Axl Rose could write about on Guns N’ Roses’ new album in a new USA Today interview.

Q: “Civil War” is arguably GNR’s most political song. What do you remember about writing and recording that with Axl?

Slash: That was something I just came up with on acoustic and an idea that Axl had, and the two just came together. It’ll be interesting to see what’s on the next Guns N’ Roses record if we get around to doing that. I’m not wanting to be a political advocate myself, but it’d be interesting to see what Axl comes up with. He definitely is more outspoken in that area.

Q: For the first time this past year, R&B/hip-hop overtook rock as the most popular genre in terms of total consumption. How do you feel about the state of the genre?

Slash: Rock isn’t mainstream anymore, and in some ways, I like that. It harks back to when rock ‘n’ roll was more of an underground concept, when people were speaking about things that they weren’t necessarily comfortable saying in the mainstream arena. As far as hip-hop is concerned, it’s become so generic at this point. It’s definitely taken on a very top-40 thing.