Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Details Unreleased Music With Ex-Guitarist


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea recently commented on unreleased music with late guitarist Hillel Slovak.

John Lurie tweeted, “Hillel Slovak could play. That comes from me, who never says that lightly, Hillel Slovak could play.”

Flea responded, “That was fun when you, Hillel, cliff and I made dr. Hammerhead. Where is that recording?”

Lurie responded, “storage? Maybe? I am not sure.”

Flea also recently tweeted, “Someone stole the stuffed animal pants from the trunk of my car along with my favorite leather jacket. It was the first night I’d ever stayed in my new houseand The first time I lived in an upscale neighborhood, the first house I ever owned. Robbed!”

“I see a soft and beautiful animal in the sky right now. I see it so clear. It’s a wise whale passing through who knows I stand with her. HI GORGEOUS WHALE!”