Slash Reveals If Bandmates Still ‘Get F*cked Up’ On Drugs


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash discussed the sobriety of his Conspirators bandmates in a new interview with Clay Marshall via Blabbermouth.

“They’re all really good guys, really good people,” he recently told writer Clay Marshall. “We’ve developed this thing over the course of time, and it’s gotten better and better as it went [along]. I’ve gotten really close to them. You sort of miss hanging out with them and working with them, because they’re a lot of fun to work with. The Conspirators guys are really, really unique in that all they want to do is play, and they’re all good players, so they really get off on doing a bang-up job with whatever it is that we’re doing. There’s nobody really on the [12-step] program or anything; they just naturally don’t get fucked up. It’s great. Not saying that anybody in Guns does, but just with this particular group, for my having put a new group together, I’ve always had that issue with any of my bands. So yeah, I just sort of missed hanging out with them, and it was fun when we got back together and started jamming and stuff.”

“We fell into that natural mode where I started writing ideas on the road, and we jammed some stuff here and there at soundcheck and whatnot,” he said. “We had a couple little pre-production sessions prior to the end of the tour. When [GN’R] had the break in December [of 2017], [The Conspirators] got together and started revisiting some of those old ideas, and over Christmas, I’d written some new ones, and we just got together and had a great time getting back in the room together. I felt better because we’d finally ended this — I’d put everybody in a state of limbo for a year and a half, so it was just really good to get together and work on the record. We have this little studio with a little 16-track [board], and we made what I think is a really cool record. As soon as I was done with the master, I was back in rehearsals with Guns, and off we went. But now I’m really excited about going out and playing — being back in The Conspirators world, and playing this U.S. run we’ve got, and then we’ve got a pretty global tour next year.”