Slash Reveals If He Forces Myles Kennedy To Rewrite Lyrics


On appreciating his position:

Slash: “I’ve been doing this for a long time now. It’s something that I still feel as impassioned about now as I did when I first started doing it. The fact that I’ve been able to sustain that for this long and to be able to work with all the different people I’ve worked with — with THE CONSPIRATORS and back with GUNS N’ ROSES and working with all these great people, that creative kind of atmosphere, it’s definitely worth being grateful.”

On yielding lyric writing to Kennedy:

Slash: “I learned pretty early on when I first met Myles, he pretty much was fine in the lyric department and didn’t need any of my assistance. There was actually one moment when we were doing ‘Apocalyptic Love’ where he goes, ‘Hey, do you have any ideas? I’m working on this lyric.’ I realized at that moment, ‘You really don’t need my help with this. You’re going to be fine.’ Whenever we work on songs, he’ll come up with the vocal melodies, I’ll come up with some parts and he’ll start singing and we’ll get an arrangement together. The lyrics won’t even come into play until we late in pre-production, right before we actually do vocals. Then they start to materialize. They’re always cool, and I’ve sort of stopped really looking over his shoulder altogether.”