Slash Reveals How Important Izzy Stradlin Was To Guns N’ Roses, Details A ‘Falling Out’


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash detailed an early falling out with Izzy Stradlin during his brief stint in Hollywood Rose in a new Music Aficionado interview.

“That was the first group that we were in together. There were different incarnations of it before I was in it. Initially, Izzy was in the band, but there was a falling out and he left. So it was me and Axl, Steven Adler and Steve Darrow. We did a bunch of gigs, but it didn’t last long. It was sort of the impetus for what came later.”

He also discussed Izzy Stradlin’s important songwriting contributions to Guns N’ Roses.

“There was one that came from way earlier. It’s a song called Anything Goes. It’s probably the most obscure song on ‘Appetite,’ and it was rewritten a lot of times before we did that record. Izzy and Axl had been playing it before I came around. Oh, but there’s a song on the album, a really cool riff-based song called Rocket Queen, and the origins of that came from Road Crew—that was Duff, Steven and me.”

He later said, “We could only pay for two or three hours of rehearsal time, so we’d finish a song inside a couple of hours. There was a riff that came from Izzy on ‘Appetite,’ and it became Out Ta Get Me. He played it off the cuff one day, and I picked up on it right away. It was that kind of inspiration between the five of us that would make songs come together.”

Izzy Stradlin has not had any involvement in Guns N’ Roses’ reunion, as he claimed his former bandmates did not want to ‘split the loot equally.’