Slayer At Madison Square Garden





When the line up of Slayer, Lamb of God and Behemoth was announced the hype exploded as tickets sold like crazy, most notably for the New York City show at Madison Square. This was the first time Slayer has played this venue since their 1988 South of Heaven tour supported by the classic metal acts Danzig and Toxik. As soon as the doors opened the venue got packed with just about every seat filled and endless lines for shirts, bathroom and drinks. At 7pm it was time for the first band.


Polish blackened death masters went off first and from the first second it was clear this was going to be in for an awesome set.The band played several sick tracks including “Conquer All”, “Decade of Therion” and “OV Fire and Void”. Their set was really heavy and atmospheric and they destroyed the crowd with style.


Lamb of God


At 7:50, Lamb of God hit the stage. Their southern groove made the crowd go wild as the moshing got more intense. The already packed venue got filled to the brim as pretty much everyone with a ticket had arrived.




At around 9:20 the main band of the night, the almighty Slayer hit the stage. The crowd were screening the band’s name over and over as well as the lyrics to their songs. Their set was an even mix including new tracks like Repentless, Hate World Wide and Bloodline and classic tracks such as “The Antichrist”, “Hell Awaits”, “Dead Skin Mask”, “Postmortem” as well as all the obvious songs like “South of Heaven”, “Raining Blood” and” Angel of Deat”h. Like always Slayer had endless energy and an insane mosh pit. The sound was great as the whole crowd forgot the members ages due to them still being on the top of their game. After the show every one went back to reality with huge smiles on their faces.