Metal Guitarist Talks Working With Legendary Vocalist



Marzi Montazeri  is one of today’s most creative metal guitarists playing in multiple bands and showing a wide range of influence. This is shown greatly on his new solo EP, Uprising featuring the one and only Tim Ripper Owens. I recently was able to interview him on such topics as this EP, and his band Heavy as Texas.

Can you tell me about the new Heavy as Texas album?


We are breaking sweat man. It’s a Stevie Ray Vaughan super blues trip man. It’s going to be an epic record. The album is southern metal like the NOLA scene and with 60’s, 70’s roots but doesn’t sound like 60’s or 70’s level but has that artistic level. I call it heavy metal with a southern flavor.


I’m guessing your solo EP will have a more traditional metal sound?


It’s more all over the place but it for sure has an old school trad metal with a sorta vibe to the best era of heavy metal and thrash. It has a modern style of production and I’m really happy with the musicianship on it and all the influences that went into it.


How were you able to meet Tim Ripper Owens?


Through a mutual friend of Bobby of Ratt, he hit me up saying that he is working on a tribute to Judas Priest record and asked if I wanted to do a solo on it. I said sure thing man. I went in with nothing but a guitar pic and said “I’m sure you guys have some shit I can play”. The track was completed, it was a cover of Exciter. I was blown away by his vocal performance. Not only is that a hard band to cover vocally, to cover Exciter, man that was insane. Rob Halford is still the God, but damn did Tim nail that song. When this project came about I called him up and that’s how it went with it. He has a great personality and I just asked him to be on the EP and he said yes and did the vocals. It was that easy.


What made you guys want to call it Uprising?


I feel it represents the time we live in as well as the past, present and future. An uprising is something that is inside our self. It’s an inner look. That’s what this album is all about and the cover. It’s about how we are not the ideology we believe in. We are flesh and blood. We are made of stardust. That is what it’s all about.


What’s your thoughts on the state of metal today? Any favorite new bands?


I love Gojira and Mastodon. I just love those two bands. I like tons of the old stuff to like Solient Green and Exhorder. They fucking kill it. I discovered this band last night that blew me away. Two sisters from Georgia. Not metal but great blues. They are called Larkin Poe. I wanted to cry after I heard the music. Their heart and solo goes through the girls when they play it. It’s just heaven like there. How they can play an old style in s

uch a fresh way. You know what I’m saying you love music as much as I do so you know how it feels.