Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Reveals Why Fans Need To ‘Live In The Present’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram on Thursday:

“The dream is real. Stay bright. Stay in love. Keep fighting. Live here. Live now. Live in the present. Accept no substitutes.”

He also shared a new photo in the studio with James Iha.

“Working with this lad today. @smashingpumpkins #smashingpumpkins @jamesihaofficial.”

Corgan discussed working with Iha in a new video as well, which you can view below, saying it was great to have the Pumpkins ‘magic sound’ back with Iha.

Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram yesterday:

“MACHINA/pt 1/The Machines of God ‘turns’ 18 today (Feb 28/2000). It’s nice to see where so many younger fans have found and resonated with this work, which despite being often misunderstood or disregarded has seen a sort of restoration with time.

On the question of when a reissue would be made available (reuniting pts 1 + 2 with a copious amount of additional work), the legal squabble with our inherited label continues (meaning they purchased our catalog from Gish to Machina from old masters EMI and take scant possession of the legacy, much less any present or future plans to promote said work). Which is a curious thing…

That said, I have made overtures to purchase the catalog by putting together a group of investors; only to be rebuffed, because ‘it’s too valuable to be sold.'”